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How Knowing When to Call in Professional Help is Key

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Even though we would like to think we can, it's impossible to handle all of life's nuisances on our own. In fact, many of history's most successful people attributed their successes to knowing when to seek the help of others. This goes for all areas of life whether it be business, education or dealing with a problem. For me, dealing with a major problem is where I finally learned this significant life lesson.

Trying to always handle things myself, I came to a road block when a huge problem arose within my family. After recently putting my grandmother in a nursing home, she made us aware that things really weren't going so well. She was complaining to us that the food seemed to be making her sick. My family and I shrugged her complaints off for a while and just thought she was being dramatic and trying to get taken out of the home. However, as time went on, we realized that she was right. She looked worse than ever, seemed a lot thinner and didn't have much energy. The staff started to give her more medications to help her stomach which ended up having a whole host of negative side effects.

Eventually, we decided to experiment by cooking meals and delivering them to her on our visits. Within a week of eating our food, she started to feel and look about a thousand times better than she had before. We even started speaking to some of the other nursing home residents who complained of stomach issues as well. Once we had figured out that it was the food making her sick, we really didn't know what else to do.

Realizing that we needed the help of a professional, we did our research and stumbled upon a group of lawyers who specialized in nursing home and elder abuse. Giving them a quick call to explain our situation, they took immediate action and guided us through the process to get my grandmother out of there and told us how to take legal action against the nursing home. It didn't take long before we had my grandmother in a shiny new facility with delicious and health giving food that we could afford to pay for with the settlement that we got from the case.

This whole situation was a huge lesson for me and my family in knowing when to call in professional help. We couldn't have done it on our own and had the same fantastic results. And, for all of you out there with a loved one in a nursing home or some other elder care facility, make sure to watch out for signs that something could be going wrong. You can check out some of the warning signs that nursing home abuse is going on here to help you better evaluate if you should take action.

So, how else should you determine if you should call in professional help in any situation?

• There are legal implications involved
• The task involves a physical aspect that you are not capable of
• There is prior education needed that you do not have
• There is a natural skill required that you don't possess
• You don't completely understand all of the implications
• You need to make a decision that will drastically affect your life or someone else's life

If you want what's best for you and those closest to you, don't try to do it all. Sometimes, calling in a professional is the best way to find success.

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