How long does it take?

The other day a client of mine asked me after our session, “How long does it take? How many days is this going to take? What’s happening with my business?”

Many of us have gone through this, wondering just how long it will be before we start seeing our businesses take off, clients coming in, results generated. After all, we came into our businesses as entrepreneurs thinking we could just make things happen overnight, right? And the reality is, it doesn’t happen that way.

So where does that leave us?

Well, it leaves us either giving up, or continuing on. It leaves us taking baby steps and being persistent before finally seeing the fruits of our labor. It leaves us with the option of focusing only on the destination – or paying attention to all the delights that get us there.

That’s when I love being a coach; I get to be that person that reminds my clients of all they have achieved. I get to hear about the successes of my clients and watch them grow, and reflect it all back to them when they find themselves having a “how long will it take?” moment.

So it is about noticing all of the accomplishments, big and small. Noticing all the milestones – daily, weekly, monthly, yearly. All of them!

After a year of working with a client, it is so exciting for me to check in and assess just how far they’ve come. My clients come to me, their minds bursting with ideas, and I help them navigate the best path for those ideas to take in their business. I love when I can point out to a client that when they came to me last year they had zero clients, and now, a year later, they have twenty-five. I love to celebrate the hard work they’ve done, and highlight all of their success.

But what I also highlight is their dedication and persistence.

All of my clients have done amazing jobs of getting their businesses up and running. Watching their progress, I have to say there is no right answer when it comes to how long it takes.

What I do know is that when you’re driven in your heart and summoned to answer your calling, you feel like it is the best and only thing you can do and there is no alternative but to keep going. And soon enough, with patience, dedication and passion, the day will come when you realize you’ve met a goal. (And then, the very next goal will present itself!)

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