This Parody Perfectly Explains How Lovely It Was To Be A Woman In 2016

Hint: Not that lovely at all.

Artist Missy Modell just dropped the damn mic.

2016 was a trash fire of a year in every way possible and Planned Parenthood knows that better than most. The health care organization consistently faced right-wing attacks, and with an incoming Republican-controlled congress and Republican president-elect, anti-abortion advocates see an opportunity to successfully cut off federal funding for the non-profit. 

In light of all the mayhem and misery, Modell ― in celebration and support of Planned Parenthood ― created a delightful music video. The video parodies the song “How Lovely To Be a Woman” from “Bye Bye Birdie.” It’s a powerful laugh-to-keep-from-crying recap of the many inequalities and double standards women are still subjected to in this country.

The lyrics include this punch-in-the-gut nod to rape culture: “How wonderful to know the things a woman knows / How thrilling to be raped on a date then blamed for wearing tight clothes.”

The parody also addresses the anti-abortion movement ― specifically the men who are some of its loudest spokespeople: “How lovely to be a woman and have one job to do: To give birth to lots of babies because rich men want you to!”

BRB, we’ll be listening to this on repeat for a little while we curl up in a ball and pray for 2017.

H/T Refinery29

CORRECTION: This piece has been updated to reflect that the video was an independent project by Missy Modell.



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