How Making Small Changes Can Improve Your Life

How Making Small Changes Can Improve Your Life
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After a while of feeling a little down about ourselves, we all reach a point where there’s nothing we want more than to be a better person, feel like a better person. Sometimes it comes as a result of being dragged emotionally through the mud by friends or family, maybe it was because of a bad breakup and a jerk who damaged us to the point where we’re unrecognizable, maybe, nothing happened and you just want a change.

Making a personal change can be extremely difficult especially when you don’t know where to start, or you are afraid of becoming a person that you aren’t anymore, but the secret isn’t that hard to find. Once you figure it out you can expand your branches on the new and improved you that you’ve been trying to establish. The secret first step to changing yourself is finding your confidence.


Without our confidence, we’re nothing but timid little girls afraid to leave our parents’ watchful eye. With a little bit of that super power, we suddenly feel a newfound boldness and we can automatically try new things with less fear or judgment and encourage others to do the same.

If you’re in the mood to change your look, pull that confidence from within, and try something simple at first like adding a little color to your hair, or trying a bold lipstick you would never have tried before. Buy those pair of ridiculously high heels and wear them one night and swear off of them the next day. Do it because you want to try something new. Who knows? You might find your new fashion staple.

If you’re finding yourself in a slump of boredom, try going to a class once a week to learn something you’ve always wanted to. Or, take a fitness class and work towards your goal of getting a better body than the one you’ve been bashing in the mirror for the past few years. They are no judgement zones. But why would you feel scared of being judged when your confidence/’IDGAF’ attitude is radiating?

If you want to make your subtle changes known, be sure to throw a little bit of that sparkle (or shade) on your social media feeds. If you’re feeling like you’re at your best, post that shameless pic on your snap and Insta story. If you read a relatable-AF article about the changes you’re going through, post it to your Facebook without even saying a word.There are easy ways to show people that you’re feeling good about yourself without seeming narcissistic.

If your friends are really in the mood to go out and you just aren’t, start saying “no” a lot more. You’re in your twenties, you’re working your butt off to make ends meet, and you shouldn’t feel obligated to join them every time there’s an opportunity. By the same token, don’t be afraid to splurge from time to time on a great night out. Sometimes throwing your caution to the wind can be the best type of freedom you need to spark that new light inside of you.

If you’re looking for a new lifestyle change, look for a job in something you’re interested in, or something you haven’t done yet but are willing to try, and do it in a new city to get you out of the one you’re in now. New commute, new friends, and a new way of living could be just the amount of change you need in your day to day life.

The key to focusing on yourself is doing things for yourself and by yourself. The only person you want to change for is you, so take the pressure off of wanting to please someone else off your back. The relief from that feeling in its own is worth it. People are always trying to compare you to an unrealistic standard that you just can’t meet and treat you as though you’re disposable. But you’re never going to do that to yourself.

Keep your head high, and strut your stuff down the sidewalk like it’s your runway, and don’t let some insignificant pig ruin your sparkle. Be your own biggest fan and applaud yourself for the flaws you’re embracing or the changes you’re making.

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