How Many of These TED Talks From the '80s Do You Remember?

New Rave Pattern.
New Rave Pattern.
  • What a safety pin can say about friendship.

  • Why a Brazilian poet has nothing but praise for Mr. T.
  • The misunderstood science behind ALF's popularity.
  • This is what your brain on drugs really looks like.
  • Why latchkey children will one day rule the world.
  • Want to know why we go to war? Look to the Smurfs.
  • What wearing knitwear on our legs might teach us about insects.
  • What your shoulder-pad height says about how you problem solve.
  • Dancing raisins want to teach the rest of us about a good night's sleep.
  • Why this hairdresser thinks everyone needs a perm.
  • The hidden language of note passing.
  • How a blockbuster film is helping scientists find life on other planets.
  • Why making mix-tapes can make you more creative.
  • What Nerds' candy flavors reveal about humanity.
  • Why Garfield really hates Mondays.
  • How aerobics instructors are transforming public schools.
  • What I learned trying to solve Rubik's Cube, unsuccessfully.
  • Why this Jellies' inventor thinks PVCs can change the world.