How Mark Foley Represents Brit Hume And Fox News

This morning Brit Hume compared Mark Foley's behavior toward underage boys, sophomores and Juniors in High School, to President Clinton's relationship with Monica Lewinsky. It might be redundant to say that this delegitimizes Fox as a serious news network, but I'll say it anyway.

The faulty logic is obvious, there is no comparison between consensual, legal sex between adults, and the stalking and victimizing of children by an adult in a position of authority over them.

But what's worse is that Fox News would chose, out of loyalty to its party, to delegitimize and trivialize such a serious crime. This is the same channel that makes so much out of child abuse and abductions when it doesn't hurt Republicans and boosts their ratings. This is the channel of Bill O'Reilly, who frequently had Mark Foley as a guest, and whose major focus is supposedly preventing exploitation of minors, much as Foley's was in congress.

To equate relationships between consenting adults with a Republican Party that covers for a predator in its own ranks is exactly what you would expect from Fox News. And that's the shame of it. It's not even surprising. The morality of the issue is an afterthought.