How Mastering is the New Learning Standard

How Mastering is the New Learning Standard
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The School Of You

The amount of self mastery articles found online are great sources to get your mind wrapped around a very straightforward and usable definition of the concept. In particular, author Jennie Lee's take on self mastery steps provides a better idea of how willpower and self control lead to mastery.

Self mastering is the new school of you. In here you determine the subjects that are of most value to you, find the right material that can actually enlighten you on the matter, set that knowledge into beneficial practice and ultimately commit to becoming an expert in the area. Notice how commitment is basically the final link that encloses the chain.

The roster of subjects that you can add as a notch under your belt can range from anything to a specific skill that will better your business, like specializing on the best SEO strategies and hacks; or also improving abilities in hopes of overall bettering yourself as an individual with meditation, breathing techniques and a specific physical activity. Take Olympic athletes for example, the dedication being put on their craft along with the commitment and self discipline required, set them apart from other athletes as masters of their sport.


You've Heard This Before

A basic practice that needs to be hardwired in order to rail in on the mastery road, is discerning between a need and a desire. Customarily, humans tend to unknowingly classify one as the other. What are some of the things you qualify as a need? Is this something that's of essence for your current purposes? Ask yourself these questions and the equation simplifies.

There are certain theoretical practices that can be set into place in order to establish a better prioritization system in the things you do, whether it is work related or personal. The four quadrants of time management are a fantastic way to prioritize an urgent and important need, versus the wants that are only setting you back in mastering a subject and achieving the ultimate version of mastery you've set yourself to.

Once you have been able to identify the things that are taking up time and effort for no beneficial results, you get rid of them in order to optimize your time. It is definitely easier said than done, but when identified, getting rid of these can lead to a clearer head with a much more concise purpose and idea of what the ideal scenario is upon achieving mastery. Whether that means dedicating the time to perfecting a craft, or finding the inner self-consciousness that feels lacking in order to achieve plenitude.

Sequentially, success goes far beyond achieving wealth these days. It is a much broader sense of completeness as an individual who can fulfill the different needs in his hierarchy. This is where happiness plays a part. According to Lee, "we can infer then that happiness is enabled by an ability to create at will what we need, mentally, emotionally and materially" meaning we are the ones responsible for achieving mastery and ultimately happiness.


It's Business Combined With Self-development

The key to mastery is organization and dedication, setting a schedule that dedicates a fixed amount of time to mastering. Almost like working out, muscle memory must be constantly improved and nurtured. This means that once you've identified the subjects that will be worked on, and also the things that take away valuable time, a realistic plan taking into consideration all of the present variables during your routine must be made.

This plan is a thing of compromise, you must adapt your routine as to dedicate the necessary time, and also make a plan that can work around your current day to day activities that are important. Dedicating a realistic amount of time and starting off with one single subject to master is a much more feasible thing to do when doing so for the first time. This way you dedicate the time to mastering the subject of your interest, and also mastery itself! It's easy to tell, mastering is a complete 180 in which decisions are made to improve an area of your life but in order to achieve so, changes must be made all around. Like waking up a bit early in order to be able to dedicate an hour during your mornings to read up on the latest findings of SEO or code programming.

You may have begun to cease this whole new hour of your morning for a specific work-related purpose, but doing so has now enabled a new set of opportunities that let you improve and dedicate more time to bettering yourself. Mastery is an endeavor with a trickle-down effect that when done properly improves your entire lifestyle.

Setting the time aside and beginning an ongoing educational process, is easier than ever before. Sites like Codecademy or Studypool allow you to learn and help others learn about specific subjects. More than just assisting to class in school, students who want to differentiate themselves should master the subject of their interest as early as possible to get a headstart in the workforce race, mastery will be the new standard.

The most important take from this all, should be the fact that self mastery is a way of life, something that starts as a decision to improve a specific ability and continues to set the initial path upon overall improvement and plenitude. Begin to achieve mastery in the things you do, a master in programming, online marketing, or meditation.

A change for the better might begin with something as small as waking up 20 minutes earlier tomorrow morning.

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