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How Millennials Are Eating Differently From Their Parents

Gen Y-ers care about food -- for more than snapping gorgeous Instagram pics.

Millennials' food choices are much different from those of their parents -- and that goes beyond the decision to Instagram every runny egg yolk they come across.

The Y generation is more passionate about food than any other history, according to Eve Turow, author of A Taste Of Generation Yum. In fact, nearly 50 percent of Gen Y-ers self-identify as "foodies."

While they may have subsisted on pizza bagels and Dunkaroos as kids, they're now out of the nest -- and more than half of these mostly 20-somethings are dining out at least once a week and scrutinizing ingredients lists. Check out the infographic below, based on analysis of a 2014 study called "Outlook on the Millennial Consumer," to see other ways millennials have grown apart from their parents' traditional dining habits.

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