How Much Should You Tip The Seamless Delivery Person?

They are food heroes, after all.

You know how it is: You place your order on Seamless or GrubHub, the delivery guy brings your dinner super fast, usually on a bicycle -- whether through rain, polar vortex, or shine -- but you don't hand him cash because you tipped him through your credit card.

And he gives you that face. That "thanks a lot, jerk" face. But you tipped him, so you're not sure what gives: Are you supposed to tip the delivery person in cash, or is the credit card just fine? And how much will he get from each tip?

"One hundred percent of the tip is supposed to go to the driver, per state law," Lindsey Ruthen, a spokesperson for GrubHub Seamless, told The Huffington Post.

"We encourage people to tip between 15 to 20 percent. [The delivery people are] our food heroes. They deliver our food in the good and really bad weather, so it’s really important for us to tip the delivery drivers a meaningful amount, just to say thank you," she said.

Both sites, Seamless and GrubHub (they're the same company) make it really easy to figure out the percentage based on the order total, and offer the choice to either tip in cash or credit.

But because the drivers are employed by the restaurant for which they deliver, instead of GrubHub Seamless, how much of each tip is divided among the staff is ultimately up to the restaurant's management. In the end, maybe it's best to just hand your delivery person the cash and avoid that guilt trip altogether.

What do you think?

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