How Much Does Illinois Collect in State Taxes Per Person?

It's fair to say Illinois' taxpayers are well-versed in the art of paying taxes, but how much does the state goverment collect in taxes per capita? And how do we compare to other states?

The Tax Foundation, a non-partisan research think tank, answered these questions by calculating how much each state collects in state taxes per person. While Illinois has the second highest property tax rate in the U.S., the Tax Foundation did not include property taxes in its analysis since they're assessed and collected at the local level.

Even when local taxes are excluded, Illinois still rakes in more taxes per person than all of its neighboring states at $3,008 -- the 14th highest in the U.S. It's important to note the data used by the Tax Foundation is from fiscal year 2013, which is the most recent available and also when the 5 percent temporary income tax hike was in effect.

Tax collections per capita is not a measure of tax burdens per se. (We look at tax burdens separately.) In a state with high per capita incomes, a higher per capita tax burden may work out to similar burden as a percentage of income as experienced in a state that is less well off. It does, however, offer us a window on the cost of government in any given state. If we think of each resident as a consumer of state services, per capita tax collections gives us the per person cost. Individual taxpayer liability will, of course, vary--especially if the state can export its collections.

Here's how much Illinois and its neighboring states collect in taxes per capita.