How Much Illumination Do We Really Need?


Over the last few days I have been getting a pop-up ad about illuminated toilets... some light up as you approach... some appear to glow if you whistle a happy tune.

I suppose there is some logic in this...on some snowy night as you make that midnight trip you don't have to rely on your own personal radar to help you on your merry way. And one of them changes colors, like those color wheels made the aluminum Christmas trees magically turn various hues...I have to admit as a child those fascinated me...and my friend Sandra, The Hat Lady, gave me a small version of it that I treasure.

I do think, however, that there is a downside to much do we really want to see in this life. As I get older I am starting to understand why my grandmother traveled with a 300 watt bulb to use in motel the time I thought it was brighter than a lighthouse, but now my 58 year-old eyes are starting to see the merit. But do we really want everything illuminated?

It's like some friends you speak with. There are those that you ask how they are and some to whom you simply say hello. For the ones who you ask how they are, you know they will have the proper response.

"Why I am fine, and how are you?"

You respond back in the same manner and everyone is comfortable.

But we all have those friends that we never ask a word about the general condition of life, mainly because they will tell you... down to the last spasm, tic, pain, or vertebrae number that is being particularly vexing. And those are the polite ones.

Others will tell you all sorts of unnecessary information, and usually insist on repeating it at least once for emphasis.

"It was three full pints of blood!"

Usually when that sort of dialogue starts I simply interrupt them with something polite, like "Well I hope everyone recovers," and move on.

And that brings me back to the toilet. How illuminated do we really want our life to be?

There are some things better left to the dark...and just hope your inner radar is working.

Merry Christmas.

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