How Much Is That Admiral In The Window?

How Much Is That Admiral In The Window?
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Dave Johnson from Seeing the Forest is working on a terrific piece for The Patriot Project scheduled for release early next week called "The Swift Boats Are Back In The Water." detailing how the highly-paid Republican political consultants, media strategists and communication experts who concocted the Swift Boat attacks in 2004 are getting ready to launch a mammoth pile of slime against the remarkable collection of veterans running for Congress this fall, outstanding men and women like Jim Webb, Joe Sestak and Tammy Duckworth.

In the course of his research, Dave uncovered a remarkable, public, on-the-record payment showing how alive and well and profitable lying about former military colleagues can be.

This past February 6, 2006, the Swift Boat Veterans For Truth made a $100,000 payment to Admiral Roy Hoffman one of the key defamers of John Kerry. This was on top of a $10,000 payment made in 2005, another $100,000 payment to the Vietnam Veterans Legacy Foundation, and the Swift Boaters also paid for $137,087 for meeting expenses at Walt Disney Resort in Florida. Who knew that former admirals loved Magic Mountain so much?

With money like this being paid to anyone who is willing to follow orders and lie on cue, is it any wonder that this past May another Admiral who was involved in the Swift Boat lies, Admiral Bud Schachte of Charleston, South Carolina, a man who claimed he was dragged into the Swift Boat mess against his wishes, came out and did a newspaper article ready to "re-engage John Kerry" in the Swift Boat debate.

After all, with his fellow Admiral clearing a solid six figures a year on top of his Naval pension, Bud Schachte certainly wasn't going to let opportunity, or should I say $100,000, pass him by.

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