How Much It Actually Costs To Live Like A Healthy Celeb

It's easy to view their online sharing as a road map to wellness (collagen powder smoothies and Rise Nation workouts, a la Jennifer Aniston, anyone?), but have you ever wondered how much it really costs to live like your favorite starlet?
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By Katie Maguire for Well+Good

There was once a time when celebs shied away from revealing how hard they worked to stay in shape. (These abs? Oh, gee I don't know. I, like, never go to the gym and practically live on pizza....) But now they are taking to social media to showcase--and make their followers incredibly jealous of--their post-workout sweaty selfies and juice bar runs.

It's easy to view their online sharing as a road map to wellness (collagen powder smoothies and Rise Nation workouts, a la Jennifer Aniston, anyone?), but have you ever wondered how much it really costs to live like your favorite starlet?

A lot, it turns out. For a month I monitored the wellness habits of the healthiest celebs, keeping track of the trainers they saw, the superfoods they consumed, and the beauty treatments they indulged in. While some are pretty frugal, opting for nature-filled--and free--outdoor workouts or swims (looking at you, Kate Hudson), others aren't afraid to splurge on what makes them happy (and fit). $35 organic ghee, or $300 training session, anyone?

Scroll down to see how much your favorite healthy celebs actually spend on staying healthy.

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Lea Michele

Lea Michele isn't one to skip her daily workout. As a recent SoulCycle convert, the actress frequents the spin studio as least four times a week and, as of late, has added Los Angeles Megaformer spot The Studio (MDR) into the mix, often completing two-a-days. Yeah, she's that intense.

In an effort to seriously shape up for a recent cover shoot, Michele also added in a third wellness stop: infrared detox spa Shape House. And on top of that, she stays active outside of studios too, often adding in a hike or a quick dip in the pool.

All that working out means she's in serious need of replenishment. Her recovery fuel of choice? A quick juice shot or green smoothie.

The breakdown:

SoulCycle: $34, per class
Studio MDR: $35
Shape House: $45
Beaming vitality shot: $4
EarthBar green smoothie: $10

Daily total: $128

(Photo: Snapchat/Shay Mitchell)

Shay Mitchell

The Pretty Little Liars actress has been known to utilize healthy hacks throughout her day, but that doesn't mean she skimps on workouts. Mitchell has recently been spending her days with trainer Zach Murray, taking advantage of the beautiful outdoor weather with no-frills outdoor circuits that consist of sprints, work with resistance bands and medicine balls, and even adding sports into the mix by tossing around a football and volleyball.

The sweat-loving star also spends quality time with celebrity trainer Harley Pasternak before meeting up with her regular trainer Murray for a two-a-day. (Girl has two personal trainers, meanwhile most people can't get a follow back from their favorite group instructor.) But she likes chilling solo too, ending the day with an anti-aging face mask that is a definite high-tech step up from the sheet masks you've been using.

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The breakdown:
Training session with Harley Pasternak: $300 a session
Training session with Zach Murray: $2,000 per month for unlimited personal training ($66.66 per day)
Swimming: Free
IlluMask Wrinkle Light Therapy Mask: $48.05

Daily total: $414.71

(Photo: Snapchat/Hannah Bronfman)

Hannah Bronfman

This healthy Instagrammer is all about mixing it up, so it's hard to nail down the exact amount she spends every day on her wellness habits. But between Pilates, boxing, and ModelFit, Bronfman seems to always make time to meet with her favorite trainer Kira Stokes.

When she's on the road traveling, Bronfman is all about sweating on a budget, making sure to pack a jump rope and utilize her bodyweight for do-anywhere planks. But she regularly splurges on semi-healthy treats, like organic margaritas or vegan ice cream.

The breakdown:
Training session with Kira Stokes: $149
Jump rope: Free
Organic margarita: $15
Vegan ice cream cone: $5.75

Daily total: $169.75

(Photo: Snapchat/Kourtney Kardashian)

Kourtney Kardashian

While all of the Kardashian sisters are dedicated to their workouts--and the social media that comes with it--Kourtney is especially known for her healthy eating habits.

The star unveiled her morning routine on her app earlier this summer, which begins with a tablespoon of ghee every morning. After waiting for 20 minutes, Kardashian has her special avocado pudding or dairy-free smoothie for breakfast. Then, the mom of three joins her personal trainer, Don Brooks, for a backyard workout that is surprisingly low-maintenance considering the high-price ticket--often using her backyard or home gym to stay in shape.

The breakdown:
Organic ghee: $35 for a bottle
Training session with Don Brooks: $300/per session (estimate)
Avocado pudding or green smoothie: $15

Daily total: $350

(Photo: Snapchat/Karlie Kloss)

Karlie Kloss
The super-fit supermodel is known for her always-changing fitness pursuits, but even when she's jet-setting around the world, Kloss makes sure to squeeze in a sweat session.

She works out exclusively with Anna Kaiser at AKT while in New York City, or improvises with easy-to-pack pieces, like resistance bands or jump ropes. As for fuel, her food habits are low-key, opting for early morning iced coffee and pre-made sandwiches.

The breakdown:
Iced coffee: $4
Homemade sandwich: $10
Training session with Anna Kaiser: $300/per session (estimate)
Resistant band session: $10, for five bands

Daily total: $324

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