The Incredible Things You Can Buy If You Give Up Starbucks For A Year

What would you do with all that cash?

Say what you want about Starbucks, but it has found that perfect balance of addiction and availability (there are so many locations these days that you could be texting someone about how much you need a coffee and accidentally walk into one).

So let's say you get a latte five days a week for a year -- nothing big, just a grande (medium) latte -- you'll spend about $1,000, depending on the Starbucks you go to (and taxes).

Here's a thought: What if you cut all that out of your life? After saving $4 a day, $1,000 can sure get you some very important things.

Such as:

A Vacation To Paris
kiszon pascal via Getty Images
The next time you think about grabbing a latte, ask yourself: Would I rather go to this here Starbucks, or would I rather go to Paris? Depending on when you want to go, Kayak has more than a few flight/hotel packages that equal less than $1,000 for a weeklong stay.
A Girl's Best Friend
There are plenty of diamond rings you can get for under a grand, such as this one from Kay ($999, Kay) with three diamonds and two rows of round diamonds down the side.
5 1/2 Years Of HBO Now
At $14.99 a month, $1,000 will give you HBO content for 66 months (or 5 1/2 years).
10+ Years Of Netflix
Same idea goes for Netflix, which will get you even MORE streaming: $7.99 = 125 months, or more than 10 bingeful years of Frank Underwood.
Designer Kicks
Christian Louboutin
These "So Kellys" are patent leather, leopard print, sky high Louboutins and are only $695 (Christian Louboutin), which means you can spend the remaining $235 on insurance to protect them.
MacBook Air
Whether you want an 11-inch or 12-inch MacBook Air, they're both under $1,000 (but you know those Apple Geniuses at the store will talk you into buying a few add-ons).
A Lifetime Of Owning Your Own Website
excentric_01 via Getty Images
You can register for less than $20 ( every ten years, which means $1,000 will ensure you have this site for the rest of your life.
A Comically Huge TV
OJO Images via Getty Images
If a 65-inch, 1080p smart HDTV ($899.99, Best Buy) isn't big enough for you, maybe you want an LCD projector ($849, Best Buy), which can turn your wall into a 332-inch screen.
A Starbucks Of Your Own
Clive Coffee
This machine, the Rancillio Silvia V3 ($695,, is frequently voted one of the best single-boiler espresso machines for your buck. You can spend the remaining $305 on some Illy or Stumptown coffee.

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