How Multi-Passionate Female Entrepreneurs Are Changing The World.

It is an amazing time to be a female entrepreneur. Women worldwide are jumping out of the box and creating careers based in passion and purpose. When Marie Forleo coined the term multi-passionate entrepreneur she gave women everywhere the words to describe what previously seemed impossible, or at least unadvisable.

Inspired by a few recent conversations I asked 6 rock star women in business:

"How do you feel that multi-passionate women are changing the world?"

Here are their answers:

Shauna Mackenzie, Founder of Best Kept Self:

"Male or female - it's an exciting time to be in business. But what's unique about being a female business owner in 2016 is that now, more than ever, we see women paving the way for collaboration and support of both their peers and competitors. Women are changing the way we work in the world by understanding and executing on the value of rising together through mutual support. From the solopreneur to the C-Suite executive, women are reaping the benefits of getting more done, reaching goals faster, growing companies bigger, and expanding their reach farther. It's truly incredible to witness."

Kate Crocco, Confidence and Mindset Coach at Kate Crocco:

Women are finally allowing themselves to be open and raw about life struggles. I see more and more women supporting and encouraging one another to be authentic, be "unapologetically you", talk about the disappointments of life, celebrate the wins, and most importantly, not be judged for it."

Angie Byrd, Certified Personal Coach and Entrepreneur at Angie Byrd:

"I feel that multi-passionate women are changing the world by believing they can. When a woman is standing in her full power, she is capable of allowing all her gifts (and the gifts of those around her) to exist at once. Once we align with our own personal truths, trust our inner knowing, and take action on the ideas we most believe in, each woman has the potential to create a ripple effect, and change the world."

Devona Stimpson, Artist and Co-Founder of Strive & Grind:

"When a woman is multi-passionate, there's usually nothing that stands in her way. This type of woman is unselfish, striving and grinding to make an impact in the world by sharing her talents, wisdom, and message - a total force to be reckoned with. The world becomes a better place when women are truly passionate about their missions and dreams, standing as fierce leaders moving and inspiring those around them."

Hilary Johnson, Founder of Hatch Tribe:

"Being multi-passionate and launching multiple businesses has been incredibly rewarding for me. I'll explore a business until it no longer serves me or my community, and then move on if that's what feels right. We're living examples that our careers don't have to been a linear path climbing to the top of a singular industry."

Gervase Kolmos, Founder Shiny. Happy. Human. Certified Life Coach for Mamas:

"I think our power is in the ripple effect. Each time one woman is brave enough to pursue and gift herself multiple avenues to fill her heart and soul, it gives permission to women around her who have quietly wanted the same for themselves but haven't seen it in the world and so haven't believed it was possible for themselves. And that ripple effect extends to our children, the next generation, so they can grow up wildly fulfilled and fearless in pursuing their own passions."

Let's keep the ripple effect going.

Leave a comment below tell us how you feel that multi-passionate women are changing the world?