What Do Muslim Women Do for Fun?

Fun. It means different things to different folks. But how about Muslim women, particularly those who wear the headscarf -- what does fun mean to?
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It means different things to different folks.

But how about Muslim women, particularly those who wear the headscarf -- what does fun mean to them?

About a month ago, I threw out the following question to practicing Muslims in America: "What do you like to do for fun?" And, here's what I heard -- well, actually, read via email -- in response from the women (in their own words):

  • Sahar (32, NY): I love to get pedicures, go on sushi dates with my best friend and love to bake cakes!!

  • Hala (32, NJ): I have a passion for cooking, and love to try new foods. I love good music -- definitely have a soft spot for stuff from the '80s and '90s. I love traveling, although it's difficult now that I have three small children, and I love reading (memoirs and mystery/suspense type novels mostly). I also find writing a great expressive outlet and very relaxing, and so ... I have a blog :).
  • Hafeza (30, N.J.): I'm a cardiologist and my husband and I spend our spare time taking the kids to Philly for restaurants, shopping in New Jersey or going to New York for a Yankees game.
  • Hebatallah (28, Wash.): Spending family time in the park, reading novels; volunteering to help the environment as much as possible; and enjoying a good laugh :)
  • Mona (32, N.J.): I like to travel, get together with old friends (doesn't happen as much as I'd like) and catch up with each other, get massages and other spa treatments regularly for relaxation and mental wellness during "me" time, read, keep a drawing tablet and paint if I find the chance. I also love to sled with my children in the snow and will attempt teaching them to ski this year. I love to write stories, poems and songs for fun, and share and sing them with my kiddos.
  • Jabeen (27, N.J.): I enjoy simple pleasures like watching a good movie, cooking at home, or taking a picnic. Being very social, I'm always ready for a dinner out with my friends, sightseeing or even just hanging out and talking or playing video games together.
  • Sana (29, N.J.): In my free time I love watching movies inspired by the writings of Jane Austen with both my sisters. From Emma to Pride and Prejudice and so on I love being able to sit back on our mom's cozy couch with a few snacks and watch Austen weave her magic. The sarcasm, humor, time period, costumes and love stories are so enchanting that you can't help but be drawn in.
  • Shenaz (24, Calif.): I have my own blog, and like to write my weird/funny/original, not always Islamic reflections on it :) I also like to write snail mail to my friends. I also like running! and i like reading poetry :)
  • Naila (30, Pa.): I love to travel around the world and see different countries and their cultures. My family also goes on camping trips almost every summer. I am into many forms of art such as interior design, photography and painting. And can't forget reading novels and watching movies (especially period dramas).
  • Nazia (31, Mass.): I like to spend time with family and friends as much as I can participating in activities ranging from shopping and dinner out to hiking and kayaking. I also enjoy having people over, cooking dinner or ordering pizza, and watching a movie or playing board games. Personally, I also enjoy working out, practicing yoga, and getting monthly facials and the occasional massage.
  • I guess girls do just want to have fun (headscarf notwithstanding).

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