How News Stories Can Make Us Afraid, with Dr. David Myers

Truth or Dare: Episode 6

The Truth or Dare Podcast interviews leading social experts about big ideas that help us connect better with others. True to the podcast’s name, gusts offer both “truths” or insights and challenge listeners to try a new habit to improve their social health.

Today’s featured guest is Dr.David Myers. Dr. Myers is a social psychologist and professor who helps people understand psychological science. His writings, which have been underwritten by National Science Foundation grants and fellowships, have been included in more than 30 academic periodicals. In addition, Dr.Myers has published a wide range of books on social and psychological topics.

You can also go back to catch the previous episodes you’ve missed:

  • The debut episode with Social Media Historian, Allison Graham.
  • Episode 2 with professor and author, Cal Newport, who writes on the value of unbroken concentration.
  • Episode 3 with best-selling author Sherry Turkle who teaches us how to learn from watching the people around us.
  • Episode 4 with Stanford lecturer, Matt Abrahams, who delivers several practical tips to improve our speaking ability.
  • Episode 5 with Dr.Ivan Joseph who talks about boosting self confidence.

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