It's Here! An Easy Video Guide On How Not To Be Racist

Despite the fact it is 2014, racism is still running wild. We know that incredible leaps and bounds have been made in the battle against bigotry, but it is also important to give notice to our failures.

Here, with a little help from YouTube, we hope we've compiled a fairly simple-to-follow guide on how not to be racist. It might not be as easy as you think, but we'll start with the obvious stuff.

Don't say the N-word. Just don't.

Try to avoid doing racist things and then pretending "that's not racist." It is. And so are you.

If you date someone who happens to be a minority, do your best not to make a big deal out of it.

If you happen to see someone committing a felony, you should probably do something about it...regardless of what they look like.

If someone commits an act of terrorism, you shouldn't assume they're Muslim. All Germans aren't nazis, all Americans don't shoot up schools, etc...

If you really can't help yourself, and you just HAVE to go on a racist rant, don't upload it to YouTube...

...Because you never know what will happen. You might just get owned by one of those very people you offended...

We all make mistakes. And when you make one, remember you can always apologize. Just don't be a fartbag about it.



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