How Not to Become Overwhelmed by Your Fitness Goals

Action Plan
Action Plan

In my previous blog, I shared tips on how to create fitness goals. Have you done it yet? If not, you can click before you move on to this article. Don’t forget to download the worksheet to help you.

Start Taking Action

Now that you are clear with your goals and intentions, you are ready to take the next Crucial Steps:

First - Find out what actions you need to take to reach your fitness goals.

Second - Schedule those actions.

If you want to be fit and lose weight, examine your current lifestyle and consider the following:

1. Nutrition: your meals need to be nutrition-dense, regular, and enjoyable. Keep your meals small, take your time chewing and remember to breathe while you eat. Try to stay away from quick-detoxes or fad diets. They won’t teach you good habits, and they quickly create an imbalance that can cause weight gain at the end.

2. Workout: Keep your workouts easy and accessible. If you are a beginner, build your workout time up slowly. Don’t limit your daily movements to just your workouts. Move as much as possible during your workday and over the weekend. If you have a family, get them involved. And lastly, make sure that whatever you do, you enjoy doing it.

3. Sleep: Without getting good quality sleep daily, it’s hard to keep your stress levels down and make conscious choices, and our bodies can’t recover as easily. Running yourself down won’t help you to lose weight either. Most people gain weight when stressed or tired. We tend to eat more, store more calories, and reach for unhealthy foods. Don’t skip this step. Make sure you get at least 6-8 hours of sleep/night.

4. Stress level: Stress creates tightness in the body and causes hormonal changes. Make sure your workouts aren’t causing adrenal fatigue (which they might do if they’re too intense). Balance your workout routine, (low, medium, high intensity) and add relaxation and breathing techniques and meditation to keep your cortisol (stress hormone) levels low and under control.

How to Make an ACTION PLAN

Write down 3 actions─in order of importance─you need to take in each category. Using the downloadable worksheet will make this step easier.

Choose the top three and focus on those activities for the next 21 days to create new habits in your life. Scheduling everything in your calendar will keep you honest and on track.

After three weeks, or when you’ve mastered your new habits, move on to the next three actions. Breaking down your action steps this way will keep your new life program manageable and you will be more likely to stick to it without becoming overwhelmed.

In my following blog, I will share more about the challenges that can come up as you follow through with your plan.

In the meantime, don’t forget to share your thoughts, questions or concerns about your New Year’s goals!

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