How Not to Waste Money With FaceBook Ads

How Not to Waste Money With FaceBook Ads
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While contacting companies to help redo our kitchen and bathroom I came across something which I found fascinating yet frustrating at the same time.

My husband and I contacted two companies that we already knew of for quotes on our project. They are both companies that are well known in their area and friends and family have all used them. But we wanted a number of quotes from people that carry different products and from different areas and didn't know where to start.

I came across one company via Facebook. They showed in my feed as a sponsored post more than once and I loved their photo. I liked their page and really loved their images. At 10am this morning I called them and left a voicemail telling them my husband and I would like to set up an appointment to meet with them regarding a few projects we have. Let's call them Company A.

I also found another company (who had a coupon deal) in a local magazine. I called them at 10am this morning and left a message also. We'll call them Company B.

It is now 8:30pm and neither one of them ever returned my call.

I bring this up because both of these companies have spent money to advertise their company as a means to get more business. But the problem is all the advertising in the world can't help you if there's no follow through with your company. I can guarantee that Company A spends at least $5 a day doing Facebook ads and Company B spent a few hundred if not a thousand for their ad space in a local ad magazine that comes to everyone in our town and surrounding towns.

These companies are losing money. Spending money that they are not turning into revenue because of follow up. Facebook ads and other forms of marketing are a great way to get your name out there, but if you are not following up with the leads you receive what good is it? My suggestion to both of these companies would be to cut back on their advertising and hire more staff to handle incoming calls and other important business tasks.

Should they call me tomorrow, I'm not interested. They missed the boat. I want to work with a company that has time for me, that wants my business.

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