How often are you trying to do it?

Yep! I went there. This topic needs discussing because it is a real biological need. I am all about self-care and this is one of the most basic ways to do so AND you get the added benefit of connecting with your partner. I will be the first to acknowledge that having young children makes having sex challenging to say the least. Between meals, diapers, laundry, playdates, school, and more, the days are usually long, crazy, and busy. Come 8 o’clock at night I am tired, dirty, and ready for bed and the last thing I feel like doing is having sex.

Sex is self-care in more ways than one. It is a primitive need my body desires that I’ve found beneficial to fulfill even when I’m exhausted. Here are 5 reasons why sex is so fabulous:

1. Improved bladder control

Honestly, do moms need any other reason than that? Having sex, specifically an orgasm, contacts your pelvic floor muscles and helps strengthen them. This can help women avoid incontinence and peeing a little every time we sneeze.

2. Boost immune health

People who are sexually active often have higher levels of immunoglobulin A or IGA which forms your body’s first line of defense. I don’t know about you but I’ll take any immune support with back to school and winter approaching!

3. Lowers blood pressure & reduces stress

Your body releases a “feel good hormone” called oxytocin during sexual intercourse which studies have shown can help lower feelings of stress and anxiety. An added bonus is that you feel closer to your partner for a sense of security and peace.

4. Improves sleep

After having an orgasm during sex, your body releases another hormone called prolactin which is key to relaxation and sleepiness so you fall asleep faster.

5. Makes sex better

Having sex makes sex better. We create more lubrication and have better blood flow and elasticity but really it just reminds you of how good sex feels and your body craves more!

Now for a more realistic less scientific approach-once you do it your mind and body quickly remember why it is so awesome. So the next time you are “too tired” or “just not in the mood,” keep in mind it’s another form of self-care for you. We’ve only got 24-hours in a day so it is important we utilize them wisely. If you are a busy multitasking mom like me, with sex you’re killing many birds with one stone and that’s some serious productivity. Let’s get it on!

Be Well Woman,

Phyllis of Well Woman

Certified Holistic Health Coach and Founder

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