How One 16-Year-old Girl Is Still Changing Lives

At the time, Allison McCann was just a shy 16-year-old. Little did she know how many lives she would affect by walking into an Old Navy store. Her goal was simple -- to make teen girls living in a foster care facility feel beautiful; her idea -- BIG. She set out to have a fashion show where these girls would be the stars of the runway. It would be their special day. Now, all she needed was a store that would support her BIG idea. Her lucky day came that fateful day she walked into Old Navy to share her idea.

Old Navy, eager to support its community, loved the idea and was happy to oblige. The day of that fashion show certainly accomplished Alison's goal of making 20 girls in foster care feel beautiful. That was 3 years ago.

Last weekend was the 3rd annual PROUDgirl/Old Navy Fashion Show. The format has changed slightly and event has gotten much bigger, but it's still because of Alison that we're changing lives.

50+ PROUDgirls from various high schools including Smithtown East, Smithtown West, Copiague and Bay Shore came together and walked the runway. This time they struck their best vogue poses to outfit families living in shelters and girls living in foster care through Madonna Heights, Beacon House and Little Flower. Each of the 7 teams adopted a shelter and all the discounted clothes purchased that day are being donated to the people who live there. In true form, the girls will deliver the gifts with a party, a smile and some special TLC. They will leave with the understanding that we are all the same regardless of our circumstances.

It's because of Allison that hundreds of people gathered at Old Navy last weekend. It's because of Allison that hundreds of brand new items will be donated to some deserving people. Some of them will never know it's because of her, but we do. We know that because of one teen girl who bravely walked into an Old Navy store over 3 years ago and shared her idea, so many lives are changed forever.

Allison surprised us last weekend at the show. She's now all grown up and more radiant than ever. I guess it's true that good karma does look good on everyone.

PROUDgirls/Old Navy Fashion Show 2011