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How One Candy Bar Changed My Diet

This is not my “regular” type of post, but it’s important and funny so I thought I would share it and hopefully it will resonate with you. I’ve been on a diet for a long time ― like, most of my life. I stopped thinking about it the last year because I didn’t want to deal with “how much have I eaten today?” running through my mind 24/7. One of my fave breakfast and after dinner desserts is yogurt. Specifically Whips with Graham Crackers and Whip Cream. Please don’t judge me. I know it’s not the best choice, but somehow I thought that eating yogurt was “good for me” and so that’s what I did ― every day ― like clockwork.

Last week I saw a blip on the internet that said something like “Did you know that the yogurt you’re eating could have as much sugar in it as a certain candy bar?” What in the WHAT I said? A candy bar? There is NO WAY that this could be true? NO WAY! ( I thought!) So I Googled it ― Whips each have 21 sugars per container (and I was having 2 or 3 at a time ― yeah! I know!) What a disaster! Then I googled how many grams of sugar are in this particular candy bar ― wait for it ― 21 sugars!!! WHHHHAAAATTTT! UGHHH!! No just no!

So basically I was waking up and eating not 1 but 2 candy bars for breakfast ― and THEN having another 2 or 3 for dessert or even substituting it for my dinner (does that make it sound better?) No? Okay. If that doesn’t make you really stop and think about your diet, nothing will. I sat down and thought “Well, no wonder I haven’t been losing any weight!” all this damn time. But it’s my own fault, because I am the one who decides what I eat. I am the one who chooses how I want to look and also how much effort I want to put into CHANGING the way I look.

I’m old enough to be able to laugh at myself ― I couldn’t always do this, but now I can and hey, as my grandmother used to say, “If you can’t laugh at yourself, then you will find nothing funny about the world.” So, obviously I’ve changed and taken out the whips. On top of that, I took the opportunity to move this news from the “REALLY BAD” category, to the “THIS IS AN AWESOME OPPORTUNITY” category and looked at my diet as a whole. I changed EVERYTHING! Started eating more fruits and veggies, fish and rice and began the exercise program to top it off. Basically what I did was made this positive and a NON-NEGOTIABLE. This would be an area that I would no longer ignore, but l would look at it with a laser focus and make changes accordingly.

Now I’m not going to ask you about your diet, because that is a personal question with lots of feelings around it and really it’s no one’s business. However, I am going to ask you ― what have you been ignoring in your life that you KNOW you should look at? It is a change in career? Is it a diet? Is it a dream that’s been calling your name for a very long time, and you keep on ignoring it? There are times in life when you may find out that what you have been doing (which you thought was right) is all wrong. It can look something like you have been working on one social media platform which has not yielded you any results. Or the career that you THOUGHT you wanted, just doesn’t feel right anymore. My point is, don’t look at it like it’s a bad thing ― take it as the opportunity that it truly is to change gears. Sometimes pivoting is the best thing that can happen to you. Remember, at the end of the day ONLY YOU are in charge of how respond to any type of information. Where is there an OPPORTUNITY for you right now, to shift and pivot away from something that is NOT working for you, towards something that could make your life so much better?

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