How One Woman Is Inspiring Others To Be 'Scarred Not Scared'

Because body positivity is always in style.

Last year, Michelle Elman shook up the Internet when she posed in a bikini and embraced her scars with the hashtag #ScarredNotScared. Continuing her body positive mission, she's now helping others share their scar stories.

In a video titled "Scarred Not Scared" from Red Flag Magazine, Elman, a London body confidence coach, explains how she "was sick of hiding" her scars resulting from 15 surgeries, a brain tumor and a punctured intestine among other medical issues. She said that after her own body positive Instagram post went viral, "responses flooded in" from people with similar stories. This video was their time to shine.

One woman showed the scar that resulted after her leg was crushed between two cars. A man in the video put his bike accident scar on display.

One woman noted how she immediately thought of her daughter when she was diagnosed with lymphoma and had to have a tumor removed. Another shared memories of being bullied for "spots" that left scars on her body. The people in the video shared the lessons they've learned because of their scars, from having body confidence to living in the moment and beyond.

No scar story is the same, yet all the people in the video, especially Elman, have one important thing in common: they are "scarred not scared."



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