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How Ordering Food Delivery Became My Pregnancy’s Secret Weapon

One of my personal pregnancy quirks is that I truly cannot handle any kind of lingering “old food” smell.
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Of course, my husband and I were excited to see the two pink lines confirming my third pregnancy. But soon, dread started to set in.

It was dread for the impending first-trimester nausea, food aversions, sensitivity to smells and overall fatigue that I have come to expect in my pregnancies, knowing that what I usually love to do — cook meals at home for my family — becomes significantly more difficult to handle when I can barely stand the sight, smell and even thought of food.

One of my personal pregnancy quirks is that I truly cannot handle any kind of lingering “old food” smell. Opening the refrigerator, dishwasher or lid to the trash often sends me running to the bathroom. For me, surviving pregnancy is all about finding ways to both rally my energy and manage my queasiness.

And since this is my third pregnancy, my husband is familiar with what the first trimester brings: an increase in our food delivery ordering.

Courtesy of Noëlle Boyer

Our family has found that food delivery apps, such as Grubhub, are like the faithful friend who grants your sudden pregnancy wishes for food cravings without any judgment or second guessing.

For example, I can succumb to a desperate need for pad thai without my husband having to be in the mood for Thai food. He can simply order whatever he likes and if the smell sends me running to the nearest bathroom, sink or trash can, he eats it outside on the porch.

With Grubhub, I do not have to open my fridge at 4 p.m. and stare at the contents, trying to decide or predict what my stomach will be able to handle for dinner. Instead, I get to take a breath and wait for the doorbell to ring with our delivery.

And with deals, such as those offered in Grubhub’s Perks program (especially free delivery at some of our most-frequented restaurants) we’re able to save money through deals and promos tailored to the restaurants that we love most.

To be honest, I am not mad about our takeout habit, because it means I am off the hook for meal planning. While I do enjoy cooking for my family, options like Grubhub relieve the pressure and guilt of not getting it done. An added bonus is that grocery shopping is a shorter experience, because I am only shopping in the produce and frozen sections right now.

Courtesy of Noëlle Boyer

It also gives my husband and me the ability to reconnect over dinner after our kids are put to bed. With young children and a global pandemic, leaving the house for date night is just not happening for us. When the food is delivered, we can prepare dinner for our sons and schedule our order to arrive after they are asleep. A late night delivery meal eaten together, just the two of us, in the peace and quiet of our screened in porch, is our way to reconnect.

With a never-ending to-do list that includes managing pregnancy symptoms, running after small children and coming up with an answer for a husband who is always curious about his next meal, cooking is one less thing I have to think about. As my pregnancy progresses, I know that eventually, our meals will become more balanced between home-cooked and delivery, but until that day comes, I am going to enjoy letting the food delivery apps take away my dinner worries and responsibilities.

Courtesy of Noëlle Boyer

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