How Our Daughters Won Us The 2016 Election

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By now, I am sure that you have heard about the latest lewd comments that spewed out of the mouth of the GOP Presidential Nominee Donald Trump. The dismissive “locker room talk” captured off-camera before a 2005 Access Hollywood interview has taken the country by storm.

Regardless of your gender or race, we are all in agreement that this is not just harmless “locker room” banter. Trump’s comments are firmly planted and are bearing fruit of rape culture, sexism and privileged misogyny. Even athletes are speaking out, at how just offensive his comments are towards women, but also to athletes everywhere.

Instead of replaying the obvious rhetoric that has been shared, retweeted and analyzed across everyone’s TV screens - let’s flip the script and discuss how our daughters have won us the election.

Watching Trevor Noah’s analysis of the “locker room-gate” scandal, he pointed out what many people are afraid to admit. When Trump disrespected every group of people that represent this nation, Muslims, Latinos, Hispanics, African-Americans, Veterans, persons w/ disabilities ... the list goes on, his Republican party stood firmly behind the “demigod” they so blindly built up.

But now, after his “grab ‘em by the pussy” comments, Republicans can no longer stand by him.

Why? Why now, you may ask? Why not after all of the other disrespectful, lewd, immoral comments he has made even before he was the presidential nominee?

Because of women. But more specifically, because of our DAUGHTERS.

Trevor Noah went down the list of Republicans/Politicians who spoke out against Trump, on behalf of their daughters or granddaughters and could not “excuse away Donald Trump’s reprehensible comments degrading women.” (cc: @JebBush). From Mitt Romney to one of Trump’s surrogates, Steve Cortes - they began to ring the liberty bell and raise the liberty torch as to just how demeaning, disgusting and deplorable these comments are for all women, but for our daughters that will grow up under this “super predator” if he is elected.

So, yes - it took us a while to get here. Even after they so blindly stepped over the “Mexicans are rapists” comments, and the “Miss. Piggy” remarks, we are finally here. The blindfold that was secretly placed over Lady Liberty’s face to cover up her true identity is in the process of being lifted and her torch has been re-lit on behalf of our daughters.

So, thank you to our daughters, to our nieces, our sister-friends, to the little girls who will one day thank us for using our right to vote to protect their voices. Thank you for helping to reignite the flame within this country.

Watch Trevor Noah’s comedic analysis of “Pussygate” below.

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