How A Mom’s Behavior Might Be Alienating Her Teen Daughter

Gina claims her 18-year-old daughter, Alexis, was "kidnapped" by her “survivalist” boyfriend and says she fears he is brainwashing her against their family and fears for Alexis’ safety. Both David and Alexis, on the other hand, say that Gina’s claim is absolutely false, that Alexis is 18 and went voluntarily with him.

After reuniting with her daughter on Dr. Phil’s stage, and criticizing both Alexis and her 19-year-old boyfriend about their behavior, Gina asks Dr. Phil, “Where do I go from here? I want a relationship with my daughter.” 

“If we were going to make a list of ways you could alienate and drive your daughter away, what you’re doing right now, in the last five minutes, would be the absolute best way to alienate and drive her away,” Dr. Phil says to Gina in the video above. “You couldn’t push her to him anymore if you had a stick and were chasing her down the street.” 

“You’re right. You’re absolutely right,” Gina says. “I’ve tried everything.” 

Dr. Phil repeats some of the statements that Gina has made to her daughter during the show and says, “I’m thinking, my God, I would go stick my head in a blender before I would come home.” 

Dr. Phil continues, “You’re making it so unattractive to come home.” 



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