How Passion Can Make You Happy and Effective in Your Business

Credit: Shutterstock

When traveling, I am constantly reminded of how we destroy the natural beauty our world holds. New York streets are filled with litter, trash constantly floats down Parisian waterways, and Los Angeles winds carry airborne pollution. I was disgusted to see historical cities being changed to landfills and knew I had to take a stand. Now, I am happily and eagerly changing the face of tableware with my company Restaurantware.

Most of our trash is derived from food waste and packaging. From devastating polystyrene foam cups to mountains of plastic tableware, I realized that our restaurant industry has the most devastating impact on our littered streets. This epiphany, along with my passion to keep cities clean and beautiful, led me to create Restaurantware, a company that strives to provide eco-friendly tableware to food establishments around the world.

Restaurantware has been in existence for a relatively short time. However, we still make it on the top lists for eco-friendly manufacturers. I firmly believe that Restaurantware wouldn't be the company it is today without my strong passion to do everything I can to limit harmful waste. With every eco-friendly plate we sell, Restaurantware and our customers are taking the right steps to save our landfills, waterways, ecosystems, and gorgeous sceneries.

I take this drive to help our planet by not only educating restaurants across the globe, but also searching far and near for the eco-friendliest materials. Restaurantware offers over 1,000 items to choose from and all benefit the planet more than standard food service products. Whether our customers are looking for compostable, biodegradable, recyclable, or reusable tableware, Restaurantware has every answer.

Our two eco-friendliest collections are bagasse and palmware. Bagasse is made of sugarcane fibers and palmware is made with fallen palm leaves. Thus, no trees are harmed when manufacturing either types of tableware. Both are very durable so they can easily replace polystyrene foam takeout containers and other detrimental options with tableware that do not harm the environment. This push alone can have remarkable effects on our planet.

Since running Restaurantware, work doesn't feel like work because I followed my passion. I wake up every day scheming and scoping out different ways to achieve my end goals. Restaurantware and our customers make more and more efforts to go green. I love traveling and seeing the efforts different places are taking to make our world a healthier place to live.

Following your passion, no matter what it may be, can make you both more successful and happier all-around. The more excited you are about your job will also reflect in your effectiveness. Instead of considering your career as work, you start thinking of it as a progression towards your life goals. Thus, you are more likely to put your best efforts into your daily work.

I'm lucky that I realized my dream of making the world a better and healthier place early on. Thus, I was able to establish a successful company that offers eco-friendlier alternatives to common restaurant tableware. I see every day as an improvement to my global efforts, and that is how everyone should approach their job.

Instead of working a standard 9-5, consider reevaluating your end goal in life. Push your passion forward. Not only will you be happier overall, but you will also be more effective to your job and to the world.