How Pixel Union Built a Business on Tumblr Themes

It's no secret that Tumblr, everyone's favorite microblog and social media duo, has seen huge successes since its initial 2007 launch. As it stands today, there are over 44.6 billion posts spread across 102 million different Tumble pages -- and that number continues to grow. While individuals have capitalized on Tumblr's popularity in order to promote and distinguish their own names and brands, so businesses have also found ways to make money on Tumblr's success. One business that has capitalized on Tumblr in a highly unique fashion is Pixel Union, a company that thrives on marketing and selling nearly 60 different Tumblr layouts. So how exactly does a business thrive on Tumblr themes?

Pixel Union's Tumblr themes are gorgeously curated to suit a wide variety of styles and needs, from the photographer seeking a minimalist showcasing opportunity, to the blogger whose sense of whimsy is meant to overtake the page. But within each individual layout, Pixel Union gives plenty of opportunity for its users to highlight and display their personal creativity, without it being overwhelmed by distracting colors or interactions. Within some themes, users can even make their own color selections, select from different header options, or even customize your landing page. But for those who seek a gorgeous, adjustment-free template, Pixel Union also has plenty of layouts that won't have you hemming and hawing over which colors to choose. Whatever the user's personality type, Pixel Union's theme options aim to showcase, not distract.

79% of consumers prefer to connect with their favorite brands via social media, with "brands" being an all-encompassing term: From music and celebrities to products and services, consumers of all goods find social media to be the best way to connect. The same is true for those who are promoting themselves on Tumblr. Whether you're marketing your music, photography, or artwork, or you're simply trying to entice Internet users to visit your Tumblr, Pixel Union does an excellent job of encompassing social media interactions within its various themes. In most cases, Pixel Union's themes all include some combination of easy, navigable options for sharing and connecting via social media. From a "share widget" for users to show others your Tumblr to integrated Twitter and Instagram feeds, a huge key to Pixel Union's success has been through enabling users to fully utilize other forms of social media in tandem with a great-looking Tumblr.

More and more of Pixel Union's theme options have the built-in luxury of responsive design, meaning that your layout will be optimized for viewing on any platform, be it a computer, tablet, or smartphone. If you know that most of your followers visit you via tablet, Pixel Union gives you the option of choosing a layout that will make a tablet view fully optimized. Similarly, if you feel you can dispense with that luxury, you have the choice of sticking with a desktop-optimized theme, so you can concentrate on what will look best in a traditional computer view.

So what makes Pixel Union a successful distributor of Tumblr themes? They're a company that seems to know just what you need, even before you do.