How PLEENQ Could Make Online Shopping a Lot Easier

How PLEENQ Could Make Online Shopping a Lot Easier
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Anyone who’s shopped online knows how frustrating it can be - although still decidedly easier than wandering the aisles of Target, sometimes shopping according to product images can be difficult and make it tough to know exactly what you’re getting. PLEENQ founder Justin Mealey aims to eradicate this issue and make online shopping easier with the simple click of a mouse or tap of a finger.

Images that show multiple products weren’t able to link out individually to different product pages before; with PLEENQ, website owners can set each item in an image to link out to a different destination. I spoke to Justin Mealey about the applications PLEENQ can have and ways people are using this tool to make it easier for customers to purchase. Check out our interview below!

Can you explain what PLEENQ is for those who haven’t yet heard of it?

PLEENQ is a website plugin which converts static images into interactive content with items within the image linking to different destinations. Users can click on any of the items within the images to be immediately taken to where they can buy them. You can also use these links as content for your site, linking to Wikpedia, IMDB, etc.

That could be huge for eCommerce businesses and anyone who sells online. What benefits have you seen websites experiencing with PLEENQ so far?

There are a few ways websites are making money with PLEENQ installed:

  1. PLEENQ allows you to add affiliate links to your images. This is great for advertising on your website or blog
  2. PLEENQ reduces the amount of clicks it takes to get a user to a product page. Less clicks in the sales funnel = more money!
  3. PLEENQ can be used to provide reference or source links to Wikipedia, IMDB, etc., giving your users a unique browsing experience

When a user decides to install PLEENQ on their website, what kind of process can they expect?

We have an automated onboarding process that is really simple. Usually websites can have PLEENQ running in less than 10 minutes. The website owner will be the person who actually adds the links to an image or images. You don’t have to be technologically advanced to do this. We have a team who will help website owners create high quality links for their images.

Once PLEENQ is successfully installed, website users can have full access to our features that are included with our free plan:

  • Unlimited PLEENQs
  • Email and forum support
  • All standard hover/click interactions
  • Real-time reporting/metrics with API access
  • 1 custom template

There's no limit to how many PLEENQs can be on your site, but there is a limit of 100 objects in a single image which can be raised on a site-by-site basis.

PLEENQ is going to make online shopping and linking to referential information so much easier. I look forward to seeing it roll out on the top platforms online! A special thanks to Justin for taking the time to answer a few questions and tell me about the inner workings of PLEENQ.

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