How Practicing Sisterhood With Your Yoga Makes You a Better Woman and a Better Yogi


"To embrace the true meaning of sisterhood is remembering to become the sister that we want to have in our lives."

Ninety percent of the practitioners of yoga are female. What does that tell us about the story of yoga in both the modern sense as well as in the development of the practice of yoga? How does a sisterhood of yoginis come together within this framework?

The Feminine Energy
Shakti is the Sanskrit word that describes the feminine energy of the Divine, and it's to Shakti that we connect as women moving through postures in yoga.

"Part of the strength that develops from practicing with your sisters in yoga is that there is an unspoken agreement to hold a safe space for each other."

There's a tangible energy that resides in a room where people come together to practice, and it ebbs and flows between each session. It fluctuates as the days pass, as emotions are brought into the room and released.

There is a safety in knowing you're practicing with women who genuinely accept and welcome you.

Sanity in Sisterhood
Drawing on the ancient healthy system of Ayurveda, yoginis have resources to develop and enhance their physical and emotional balance. The practice of yoga within a sisterhood elevates the ability to find that balance along with a sense of calm and vitality.

There are so many known benefits for women who practice yoga within a sisterhood, aside from the health and emotional well-being found by doing the physical postures.


"A community, or sangha, allows for the stripping away of layers of stress."

With all the pressures in our daily lives, it's tremendously important for women to be supportive of other women without competing with each other.

Developing a positive dialogue with other women helps us develop a positive inner dialog with ourselves.

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