How Publishing a Memoir Has Helped Grow My Business

What many people don't realize about my memoir, Breaking the Silence: My Final Forty Days as a Public School Teacher, is that it was written with a DUAL purpose in mind:

  • Yes, the memoir is about the public education system and how much work needs to be done, especially at the school-based level, so that teachers and students get back to enjoying the process of learning. Yes, it is also a love letter to the reformed school system that I envision.
  • But, maybe more importantly, my memoir was written with my fellow entrepreneurs in mind--those that are still stuck in soul-sucking careers and are trying to figure a way out of their full-time jobs so they can truly live on purpose and passion. It is a heartfelt story about the power of personal and professional reinvention.

How Publishing a Memoir Has Helped Grow My Business

  1. I have spent the last week pitching myself to podcasts focused on entrepreneurship and the power of a dream. As an author, people are listening. They are intrigued. They want to know more. All this means more visibility for myself and my brand.
  2. When I am out networking, I can choose which "persona" I am going to show up as. Am I in a situation where the crowd is more of the memoir reading crowd? If so, then I pitch myself as an author and memoir writing coach. Or, am I in a situation with a crowd that is more about entrepreneurship? If this is the case, then I pitch myself as an entrepreneur with a book and message for other entrepreneurs. Either way, it's a win-win situation.
  3. The royalty check I get each month is additional income! Honestly, I didn't even think about this when I wrote the book, but what a nice surprise at the end of the month!
  4. My memoir has elevated my brand. People "see" me differently now when I say I am an author. Of course, I know that I am the same person, but it's the perception of others that has changed. I am seen now, more than before, as an expert among my peers.
  5. I am forming friendships with authors around the world. That, is priceless!

Publishing a book that helps you build a larger platform and become more visible in your brand is a great idea if you are looking for growth and bigger opportunities.