How Reiki Can Bring Your Life Into Balance

How Reiki Can Bring Your Life Into Balance
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You, and everything around you, is made up of energy.

When your energy is low, you are more likely to be unwell, stressed or have major health problems. So, by moving more life-force energy through your body you activate your body’s own natural healing abilities and restore balance to your chakra system.

How can you get more of this ‘life-force energy?’

Through an energy modality, such as Reiki, which channels energy from the universal energy field (the energy outside of your body) to your personal energy field (which governs your internal energy levels).

There are numerous benefits of Reiki to your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing, all of which positively affect your daily life:

  • Reduces stress, anxiety and tension;
  • Assists in relieving depression, adrenal fatigue, PND and post natal depletion;
  • Creates deep relaxation to calm the mind and bring a greater sense of awareness to the present moment;
  • Balances emotions and calms the nerves during times of overwhelm and decision making;
  • Aids better sleep and increases your body and cells ability to restore and recharge;
  • Helps release toxins from the body and boosts the immune system;
  • Energises by increasing the level of “chi” (energy) in your body.

So how does it work?

Energy healing helps to balance the seven main chakras of your personal energy field and shifts stuck energy within the body that can cause illness and disease.

Chakras are affected by your emotions, so when you repress emotions or delay dealing with trauma, your chakras can become blocked, which means you are unable to receive the proper replenishing energy from the unified field and problems occur.

Imbalances in your chakras are one of the first places where your body is telling you there is a problem, and when these problems are left untreated - or your chakras unbalanced - then illness and disease begins to manifest in accordance to where the blocks are.

There are no limits to universal energy, the only limits placed on healing potential are all human, specifically ego and fear.

Through healing you break down these self-imposed limits, you shift your energy from stuck to freely flowing, and it raises your vibration, which in turn brings more positivity, happiness and love into your life. Ego and fear can’t exist when you are in a state of love!

Due to Reiki raising the vibrational frequency of the body it enhances your mindset and ability to manifest, so if you’re focused on creating the life you desire, then energy healing should be part of your toolkit!

It paves the way for creating a life you love.

Everyone has their own personal energy field, which creates and nourishes your body. If one part of you gets blocked then it throws the whole body off kilter. Reiki is able to correct distortions in your personal energy field, and by doing so it has the power to heal physical wounds and mental blocks, and thus bring more balance into your life.

In simple terms, by removing blocks you’re bringing homeostasis amongst your chakras so that a new level of awareness and wellbeing is reached.

When should you have Reiki?

Most people turn to complementary therapies when they’re facing challenges, are ill or hitting rock bottom, and they’re seeking a different solution to what they’ve aways done.

But the reality is that energy healing is most effective when used as part of an on-going wellbeing program for prevention of illnesses and to maintain optimum mental and physical health. By regularly recharging your personal energy field and maintaining chakra balance you’re more capable of managing everyday stressors, challenges and events with ease.

And for those of us who are time poor, as energy is limitless and not bound by time or space, Reiki healing can be provided through distant healing to wherever you are in the world whilst you carry on your day.

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