How Research About Companies by Certified Club Helps the Society

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There are various companies which tend to buy the reviews and feedbacks for their service or business sense. But this malpractice of getting reviews can prove to be a fatal one for the future business reputation of the company. There must be transparency in the types of feedback and reviews received from the customers for the company’s service of business sense.


This further provides a chance of improvement and increasing the customer service index for the company and moreover helps the future interested customer to get an understanding of the reputation of the company in the market via these reviews, feedbacks, and comments.

Though there are various companies in the market who choose to put fake reviews for great publicity and for attracting customers to choosing them as their service partner. But eventually, it provides a very bad impression on the customers engaged in services with such companies.

Since the companies with fake reviews can easily attract customers to opt for their services but they cannot sustain the customer for their constant services. The customer and clients would get to know their reality in just one service and would never turn back to them for any type of deal or service.

For receiving an unbiased report on the customer's reviews, client’s feedbacks and for improving one’s customer service index every company must consult with a third-party specialist.

These third-party specialists make sure that they conduct a proper survey of clients and customers after proper research to frame a proper report for the company.

Certified Club is a firm which helps companies of each and every sector to get reviews from their clients and further use those recommendations from the clients and customers to make the further process satisfactory for the customers.

The procedure followed by Certified Club

The Certified club follows a proper policy of getting real and original from the customers and the clients of a company. Therefore, they try and contact almost each and every customer or client to confirm companies service, quality of work, communication and various other factors.

For the companies interested in getting original reviews for the clients and for improving themselves, they can opt for the service provided by Certified Club. The service provided by certified club begins with them sending an invitation to various local business vendors and companies to take part in their research. The particularly interested company is asked to exhibit all the business documents such as LLC/S-CORP, license, insurance, et cetera.

Based on their analysis of each local business of the company, they create a report for the company. Based on their research and its results they even grant a Certified Club Award to the company.

Top 10 Companies With Good Reviews

A company can reach the top only when it satisfies both its customer as well as its employees. Not only that, but also the customer reviews, complaints made, interview process, insurance, licensing and many other aspects are taken into consideration while ranking any company in the top 10.


Amazon has been very consistent when it comes to the quality that it has been offering from the very beginning. The entire layout of the website is easy to understand and provides ample options for its customers to choose from, making it an excellent and a memorable experience for them.


The position of this company goes without saying. The quality that it offers in an efficient and timely manner is unbeatable. This search engine provides its users with just about anything, making it the best among all its competitors.


Known to be perhaps the best music streaming application, Spotify provides its users with charts, playlists and recommendations based on their music history. It is this customization for all its customers that makes sure they are all content and get the best of features for an uninterrupted musical time.


The prices and selection that Costco offers to its users is its selling point. The service and delivery, the two most important things are excellent, and the quality for these is never compromised. Moreover, the customer care service is extremely reliable, helpful and friendly.


This online streaming media is famous all over the world and loved for the variety that it provides on its user-friendly platform. It has personalized all its categories and shows its users just the type of show or movie that they might want to watch.


Focusing on customer satisfaction, Marriott has never failed to deliver excellent services. They give brilliant treatment to all its customers, maintain hygiene and offer the best services possible at a justified rate.


The extra savings, discounts allowed on cards, availability, grocery shopping options in target are of top quality, making it a desirable superstore for all the customers. The customer care is very helpful and ensure you have a good time.

UPS Store

United Parcel Service in the United States is known to be the biggest delivering and logistics company. The employees and workers are extremely reliable and provide facilities to its users such as return, tracking, etc.

Trader Joe’s

A supermarket that is also environmentally friendly, Trader Joe’s is one of the highest rated retail stores all over the world. They carry a very diverse range of products at a very affordable and justified price.


This company is still one of the most trusted and reliable company when it comes to deliverance of goods. The packaging, time taken and attitude of its workers is commendable and helps in retaining its position in the top 10 companies with excellent reviews.


Each company must be true to themselves in order to get on a path of bettering themselves. Therefore, the malpractice of displaying false and fake reviews must not be considered as an option for creating a false image of the company in the market and in customers eyes. In fact, choosing an option of research and survey through third-party specialist is more feasible and convincing. This option of getting certified would increase the chances of generating great reputation in the market.

Further, if the company works hard then they can even see themselves in the list of top ten local businesses region wise. This would help the consumers and clients to be aware of the companies in their regions to opt for in case of any need. The top ten lists of each region would contain the companies with best customer service index and the companies which can be trusted and chose for taking the service from!

Hence opting for third-party specialists such as certified club is the best option to get done with one's reviews and feedbacks. Since, it is done at very affordable rates and is very beneficial for a long run of the company.

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