How Ride-Sharing is Impacting the 2016 Election

With simply a tap on your smart phone, your ride could be on its way. That is as far into the Uber and share economy debate that some Florida millennials have gotten.

The share economy is a hot topic regarding worker protection and rights for companies, like Uber, that don't recognize their workers as "employees". Most Millennials simply see it as another opportunity to either make money or conveniently get from point A to point B.

Blake Murphy and Susan Webster, student senators at the University of Florida, played large roles in bringing Uber to Gainesville, Fl this past school year. Murphy, working alongside Uber, battled with the Gainesville taxi companies.

"At the end of the day," said Murphy, "Uber has found a way to offer a better cheaper service and that's just the free market and taxi cabs and taxi markets aren't able to deal with it."

After offering a few test runs of Uber in this college town, Murphy and Webster confidently said that Uber was here to stay.

Webster said that Uber wouldn't effect whom she votes for in 2016, but she thinks the debate will resonate with Millennials who are trying to decide who to vote for in the coming election.