This Is How Ridiculous Gender Inequality Sounds

This Is How Ridiculous Gender Inequality Sounds

Sexism seems even more absurd when applied to everyday situations.

Created by Girl Pants Production, a new video called "How Gender Inequality Sounds To Normal People" parodies subtle sexism by applying it to everyday experiences. The video reveals just how problematic this behavior is.

The sketch smartly comments on sexual assault and the idea that women are "asking for it" by featuring a woman who gets hit by a car. When she asks a man to help her, he says she was "asking for it" because she was "wearing all black at night."

Highlighting the absurdity of the gender wage gap, one scene shows a guy asking a woman if she needs his cell phone charger because his phone is 100 percent charged. “No it’s at 77 percent battery and with my phone that’s as good as it gets," she responds

Oh, and this is what it would look like if people came right out with what they want young women to wear to prom:

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