How Safe Are We From Hacking And Cyber Attacks?

If you think hacking works like an episode of Mr. Robot you've been fooled. That's not to say that you shouldn't take your own cyber security seriously -- you should. Hackers have been mythologized into these figures who tap into your cyber security and compromise your life at the flick of a keyboard. Part of this is true, sure but the realities of cyber security are much more complicated, especially when we we're talking about the larger infrastructure of an entire city.

Much like our own lives, our cities rely on computers. The complicated infrastructure that keeps North American society in order isn't concerned with having the newest, best technology, in fact they depend on older, more outdated systems to survive. You know your Uncle's old school Apple II he keeps in the basement running pong, yeah, a computer like that controls the United States nukes.

That might seem insane but this video from Nikhil Reddy explains why using outdated systems is necessary.

In the era of cyber security risks and threats of hacking these outdated systems are the only thing almost guaranteed to keep us safe. It's a strange way of thinking, but the technology in your pocket is far from safe. If our cities ran on the same thing, life would quickly become a cyberpunk dystopia.

So next time you're left wondering why a race of super sentient computers don't run our cities - just remember Skynet, then find a CRT monitor and give it a big kiss.