How singing in WWE helped The Rock in his new movie


Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson stars as a demigod named Maui in the new Disney animated film MOANA. Not only does he sport an upper body full of tattoos and some long curly black locks, he also sings and raps his heart out.

Now if you've watched WWE at any point in the last 15 years, you'll know that The Rock is no stranger to singing. He would often set up what he called "Rock concerts" where he would play guitar in the middle of the ring and mock opponents like John Cena or Stone Cold Steve Austin.

When I chatted with The Rock, he told me that those years of singing in the middle of a wrestling ring actually helped him sing in MOANA. The music in the film is written by Hamilton genius Lin-Manuel Miranda.

Johnson says: "What really helped was Lin-Manuel Miranda who wrote the music for our movie, did a lot of research and he pulled up all of those old concerts that I used to do in a WWE ring where I'm singing and I'm talking and I'm singing and I'm talking s--t. He had the greatest time doing that and he thought the perfect song for me would be a song called 'You're Welcome'. Lin's a genius, I loved working with him. He's phenomenal. So when he sent me the song I thought 'OK, sounds good. I can do this' and then it goes into a rap and I thought 'alright, I'm down. Let's do this. I'll spit that fire!'"

Watch the full interview below: