How Sleeping Can Unlock Inner Creativity

Slowing down our brain’s vibration allows us to access joy.

Like everything in the world, our brains vibrate at different levels. Each frequency (totaling five) is measured in per-second increments, and each cycle has its own specific level of brain activity and distinctive state of consciousness.

Neuroscientific studies have discovered that the Alpha wave frequency is the link to our visualization and imagination processes, our intuitive and spiritual connections, as well as our creativity. Alpha waves are the gateway into our subconscious minds.

Most of the time, though, our brains are typically vibrating on the Beta level, or even the Gamma level, in which we’re completely caught up in information handling processes. We are multitasking and critically thinking in a state of hyperawareness. In other words we are stressed. We’re either running around like chickens with our heads cut off, or our mind chatter is blaring constantly and getting louder and more critical as we go through our day. Many of us can’t shut off that chatter — and can’t get to sleep because of it. That’s Beta vibration at full throttle.

I am not suggesting that this active Beta wave state isn’t a necessary vibrational function. We need to get through the routine, daily stuff — family, deadlines, traffic jams, decision making. However, in this wave frequency, we are limiting our ability to tap into a deeper unconsciousness and create a more joyful reality. In other words, slowing down allows us to access joy.

The Theta vibrational level happens when we’re not quite awake, but not quite in a deep sleep. It’s that rapid eye movement (REM) sleep state that we hear so much about. When we’re in this slower vibration, we can have deeply profound spiritual insights, extreme visualization experiences, and inspirations.

This may be why writers and creators keep paper and a pen at their bedside, so as not to lose inspiring thoughts that strike them while they’re in this state.

Here are 5 inspirational ideas that were visualized while the person responsible was sleeping:

· James Cameron dreamt up the blockbuster movies The Terminator and Avatar.
· Paul McCartney heard the tune for “Yesterday” while he was sleeping.
· Mary Shelley was experiencing writer’s block one evening, but as soon as she went to bed, Frankenstein was born.
· Jack Nicklaus figured out why his swing was off after a dream. He dreamed that he was gripping the club differently in a dream than he did in real life.
· Elias Howe, inventor of the modern sewing machine, had been troubled by how to get the needle to work in his new invention, then after falling asleep, his dream gave him the solution.

Alpha, Beta, and Theta vibrations are all different levels of vibration, but they are all still levels of conscious awareness as well. It is when we enter the deepest level, most often during sleep, that we experience the highest amplitude of brainwaves, called Delta waves.

Delta wave activity has been said to aid in memory formation. It is also during this slow vibration that we experience healing, dreamless sleep, and are a state of sufficient release and unawareness that we may become receivers of Universal information that is not available to us in a conscious state.

It is rare to experience conscious awareness while experiencing the influence of Delta brain waves. However, some people who practice a type of deep meditation called Yoga Nidra (sleep yoga) can remain conscious while in Delta sleep and access information that helps them as healers, psychics, and teachers for the purpose of serving others while awake.

If you’re new to the idea of brain waves, don’t worry too much about getting to this deepest level yet. Instead, try practicing awareness of what state your mind is more often so that you can work on relaxing and slowing down your vibrations from time to time. You don’t have to live in Beta vibration all the time, feeling stressed and robotic. Instead, set aside some time to intentionally allow yourself to fall into Theta vibration and notice the times when, overnight, you manage to slip into the deep sleep of Delta vibration.

It all starts with awareness, and the more you learn about the way brain vibrations work and how they affect your daily life, the more you will be able to navigate each of these states to your greatest advantage.

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