How Social Media Can Close the Sale


Do you feel like social media is just one big pitch fest when for businesses? It seems like everywhere you turn someone is yelling at you, "BUY MY STUFF, BUY MY STUFF".

Many entrepreneurs (and sometimes even big corporate companies) spend zero time emotionally connecting to their audience to build relationships. It's as if they think that easy access to an audience means they no longer have to listen to their needs and wants.

Most people follow you or your company because they already have an interest in what you have to offer. Get to know the people who are most likely to buy your product before you rush in with a deal.

Here are 5 Ways to Close the Sale on Social Media:


Listening is one of the most important part of communication. No one wants to listen to people who only talk about themselves all the time. Take the time to listen or see what your followers are saying, both good and bad, and use that to get to know them better, as well as improve upon yourself.

2) Ask Questions

When you show an interest in someone else's life or feelings, it will lead to a good relationship with them. Ask about their opinions, learn more about what they're looking for, and use that to your advantage.

3) Ask "How Can I Help?"

No matter how cliché it sounds, you will always attract more bees with honey than with vinegar. Pay attention to the needs of the people around you and figure out how you can help them out. If it is something related to your business, offer your service politely by telling them precisely why you feel you are the right person to help them out. Doing this will show that you paid attention to the issue that they're having.

4) Make Connections

If the issue that someone's facing is not something that you're qualified to help with, look at the other people you know. Is there someone you know that can help them with their issue? Introduce the two and watch your social currency with them take off! Through this act, you've shown that you were paying attention to both parties, are not involved in social media just for selfish reasons, are a resourceful person to whom they can turn to without being a number, and are a respectful business person.

5) Use & Share Your Resources Wisely

Never bombard your audience with sales pitches! Give your audience a taste of your product or service so that they have an idea of what you do, how you do it, and, most importantly, what's in it for them. Give away an ebook, a sample training program or host a free webinar to begin building a relationship with these interested people, fostering the sense of trust that turns lurkers into buyers.

If you follow these simple steps, sales closing will come on its own. People will be able to trust you and are confident in your ability to help them and other they know. No longer will you be rushing to close the deal. Banish those pushy car salesmen like tactics from your business strategy forever!

How do you feel about selling on social media? Leave me a comment and let me know if you use social media to close the sale.