How Social Media Can Help You Accomplish Your Life and Business Goals for the Best Year Ever

Social media and networking sites often get a bad rap for being a time sink, a place where comparison-itis goes to live and a reason why people often get carpal tunnel syndrome.

However, social media can be for great good too. Specifically, when it comes to helping you get things done, accomplish goals and even, kick bad habits to the curb.

Yes, social media is for way more than taking silly quizzes, sharing yet another cat video or playing funny farm games.

Here is how social media and networking sites can help you create your best year ever:

1. Public Accountability Packs a Powerful Punch

You know what they say about putting your goals out there so you stay accountable to them. Well, social media makes it super easy and powerful for you.

You can share your health, fitness, business, personal development goals on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and boom! you'll have literally, thousands of people holding you accountable.

Once you have a goal in mind, choose your social network and share it. You can choose to share it on your Facebook profile and ask friends and family to hold you accountable.

You can share it in a private Facebook group with a select bunch of like-minded people.

Nicole Culver of shares how she keeps her health coaching clients accountable via a closed Facebook group where they can safely share their goals, struggles and stay on track to meet their health goals.

Melyssa Griffin, the owner of and the founder of the Blog+Biz BFFs Facebook group has a weekly accountability thread to help people share their business and blogging goals and move forward on them.

If Facebook, isn't your thing, you can create and start your own #hashtag and share it on Instagram and Twitter to document your progress and have people follow along or join in.

2. Inspiration is Easy on Social

Social media doesn't have to be a route down the rabbit hole of distraction and comparison, you can, in fact, use it for staying inspired and encouraged by interacting with people who're aiming for the same goals as you are.

Let's say reading more books is one of your personal goals.

Anne Bogel of Modern Mrs Darcy has a wonderful 2016 Reading Challenge to help you meet your reading goals with ease. She fuels your inspiration and encourages you to read more with a group Pinterest board for everyone participating in the challenge. She also shares what she's reading on Instagram and Twitter using the #MMDchallenge and #MMDreading hashtags.

Want to learn how to write persuasive copy in 2016?

Bushra Azhar of The Persuasion Revolution has a fun way of keeping folks in her Facebook group, 60 Second Persuasion inspired and encouraged. She shares what she calls Persuasion Shots and also, real-life examples of copy done right and wrong!

Whatever be your business or life goal, you can find a steady stream of inspiration pouring generously on social media. All you need to do is pause a while and tap into it!

3. Staying Motivated and Focused

Hit a slump with your goals? Stuck in a rut? Lack focus or clarity on an action plan? Hit the social water coolers!

That's right.

Amanda Ponzio Mouttaki of Marrakech Food Tours shares how she's built a 6-figure brick-and-mortar food tour business, thanks to the power of social media.

She says, "I've used social media to connect with other tour operators and brainstorm/get feedback/share. Plus, the community that I've built around my blog and then business was also motivating and encouraging in a huge way."

Priya Sachan of met her weight loss goals by staying motivated with a fitness group that shared workout statuses and success stories.

Social media can help you stay laser-focused on your goals and give you that much-needed burst of motivation because there will be times when the shiny goal will dull and you will lack the necessary follow-through needed.

4. Acknowledgement and Applause... Socially

Finally and most importantly, social media can be a wonderful way to get acknowledged for your accomplishments. Sharing milestones or snapshots of your journey to your goal can lead to a lot of virtual cheerleading.

In Kathleen Shannon and Emily Thompson's Facebook group Being Boss, the hashtag #BossMoment is used to share successes and meeting goals.

From accomplishing small goals, like getting business cards designed to big-picture goals, like landing that massive contract or moving into an office space, entrepreneurs share and get loads of applause and acknowledgement.

If one of your life goals this year, is to spruce up your personal style and dress smart, the hashtag #ootd can be a great way to share your outfits with hundreds of thousands of folks and get some virtual cheerleading going!

Social media can be a powerful means of staying accountable, focused, inspired and encouraged. It can be uplifting, positive and honestly, really social.

So, go ahead, review those goals and get ready to use social media to accomplish them all this year.