The Trouble With Instagramming Those Engagement Photos Of Yours

If you didn't Instagram your engagement, did it even happen?

How does Instagramming sentimental moments affect our ability to process them in real time?

That's what filmmaker Alicia MacDonald set out to explore in her short film s"Otherwise Engaged," which has made a splash across the internet -- even catching Ashton Kutcher's attention. Speaking with HuffPost Live on Monday, MacDonald explained how frequent Facebook postings about friends' marriages and engagements got her thinking about "what is going on behind that moment."

"You just had this amazing experience where you've agreed to spend the rest of your lives together, which is an insane thing to do -- an amazing thing to do! -- and yet you're taking photos?" she said. "It seems a bit crazy, so I wrote a satirical film about it."

Guilty of sharing photos herself, MacDonald speculates that today's social media has cultivated a "a weird narcissim that has to be getting out of hand."

"I feel like it's hit a different level, especially when it comes to the special moments," she told host Caroline Modarressy-Tehrani. "Something should be shifted somewhere."

Watch more from Alicia MacDonald's conversation with HuffPost Live in the clip above.

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