How Stephanie McMahon Successfully Cares For Her Family, Stays Fit, Pursues Hobbies And Travels For Her Job

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A: I do the best I can. My mother once taught me that it will never be a perfect balance between work and family. You have to learn to prioritize and understand that you will need to make sacrifices, but you make sacrifices as a family. I train at night so that I have time to cuddle my girls to sleep. And no matter how late I get in from the night before, I get up in the morning to make them breakfast and take them to school. Some of the best conversations we have are on the way to school. When I'm unable to be home, I find technology to be a godsend. Being able to Facetime in to a live performance or see their little faces when they get home from school definitely helps when you have to be far away. I'm also fortunate to have a strong support system at home.


A: I started working in WWE when I was in high school as our receptionist. I then went on to intern in almost all of our departments including Marketing, Digital, TV production, and even Human Resources. I can fix pretty much any Xerox machine and I can collate and staple like nobody's business (of course no one in today's generation even knows what that means!).


A: I would encourage them to tell a trusted adult. If they are being bullied through social media, they should block the bully and report them through the social site. They should not forward any negative messaging along nor respond to a negative comment. I would also reinforce to that child that they shouldn't believe anything that bully is saying and that they need to believe in themselves. Oftentimes bullies behave the way do out of insecurity or as a way to lash out at something negative that is happening in their life. Sometimes that perspective helps too. There are resources out there for children who are being bullied including:, and and

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