How Sticker Ride is reimagining mobile advertising

How Sticker Ride is reimagining mobile advertising
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It’s tough to get your name out there. Online advertising is becoming so hit or miss due to the barrage users have to see every day. On top of that, this barrage of ads on nearly every website have more people using ad blockers than ever before. For these reasons, brands and startups need to come up with new ways to get their name out to the general public.

While offline advertising is considered “old school” by many, there’s no arguing that it can be effective. TV commercials, billboards, flyers, offline advertising is all around us and hard to ignore. While commercials have started to lose some of their effect, thanks to things like Netflix and DVR, and billboards go unnoticed by most, there are still other ways to get your brand seen by those in “the real world.” Russian startup, StickerRide, wants to combine the power of offline advertising with the analytic potential of online ads by offering companies on-car advertising.

Having already been successful in Europe and Russia, and working with companies like Gillette, StickerRide recently made its way to the US to offer trackable, on-vehicle advertising for US companies. Rolling advertising has been around for years, but until now has been difficult to track. StickerRide takes the power of smartphones and GPS to track drivers and see exactly where they are driving. By implemented gamification into their platform, it encourages drivers to drive more and companies see the benefits in the form of more ad impressions.

Drivers can sign up as brand ambassadors through the StickerRide app and as campaigns go live, can sign up for ones they qualify for. If they are accepted, they simply have to go to a certified shop to get the stickers applied to their car. By using GPS, drivers are paid based on how much they drive, enticing them to drive more. As an added bonus, StickerRide uses “flash mobs” that offer higher payouts to drivers. These flash mobs typically take place near events going on around the city where there is expected to be higher foot traffic; things like concerts, parades, and food truck festivals. This provides mutual benefits to both the drivers and the companies. Drivers get paid more and companies get their brand in front of a large amount of people.

As the world becomes more and more desensitized to advertising, companies will have to come up with new and unique ways to push their brand. Not only that, but to justify marketing and advertising budgets, they have to see real time analytics and campaign progress. StickerRide fits both of those needs by giving brands fun, memorable mobile advertising and trackable campaign progress through their online advertiser accounts.

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