How Tech Is Changing in 2016

As we enter deeper and deeper into the digital age, tech is consistently changing. While many think we may have hit a plateau with the use of smartphones and other mobile devices, technology is only evolving more and more, sometimes in different arenas. As we approach the middle of 2016, there is definitely some new technology that is changing the world, and other technology on the horizon that is expected to change life as we know it by the beginning of 2017.

Changes to Our Daily Tasks

One of the most important things we see changing in 2016 is the simplicity technology has given us to complete our daily tasks with ease. Several years ago, you could easily log into work (or school) by lugging your laptop to an area with Wi-Fi. This made work on-the-go much easier, as carrying a giant laptop around somehow seemed very portable. These days, you have the ability to work from anywhere. Between speech-to-text recognition, easy-to-carry tablets, and giant-sized smartphones, work is no longer confined to your cubicle, home office, or your nearest Starbucks. Most airplanes are now even Wi-Fi capable, allowing you to even work in the sky.

Battery Power

It's terrific that you can log into work or stay connected with friends and family through so many devices, but they all require a battery charge. Plugging in laptops, tablets, and smartphones can get tangled and messy, and universal chargers are becoming more and more common - and convenient.

For example, the JS12 portable charger from Weego can not only jumpstart your car, but can also charge your smartphone, tablet, and a variety of other electronic accessories. Not only is this a handy gadget for those who routinely forget to pack their devices, it can help you out a jam in a true emergency.

IoT and Automated Technology

IoT (or Internet of Things) technology is just around the corner, and for those of us who are the most tech-savvy, has already arrived. IoT technology refers to nearly every electronic device in your life being "plugged in" - from your refrigerator to your car.

Similarly, we are beginning to see the advent of true automation and smart machines. There are many machines on the market now that respond to someone's voice, and even a certain person's voice, to follow commands. But, the machines of the future will not only be equipped with voice technology, they will also be able to read the emotion of the user. While the plotline of the movie "Her" may have seemed outlandish to many, the truth is, it's really not so far off of the mark.

Everyone Is a Programmer

Microsoft has recently launched a program known as PowerApp, that essentially makes everyone a programmer or developer, no matter their skillset. This app allows virtually anyone to create an application for either iOS, Android, or Windows, without any prior knowledge or skills. This builds on apps such as Instagram that allows regular, everyday folk to create stunning pictures on a professionally photography type level. This also opens the door for new entrepreneurs with great ideas, but a lack of programming skills to introduce new ideas to the world.

Driving on Autopilot

It may sound like quite a scary idea, but car company Tesla has been working on advancements that allow you to drive on autopilot. This technology actually began rolling out near the end of 2014, but only in test markets. The technology is actually available now, and it builds on other software that actually parallel parks the car for you. This software actually allows the car to drive on autopilot, based on technology similar to what airline pilots use. This is expected to become more and more common throughout this year into the next.

Video Content Management

Video content has been used in the business sector for some time, but it is now being fully integrated into help desk and field tech areas. This type of software is expected to grow through 2016, becoming fully functional and integrated into most management systems over the next year.

Final Thoughts

Many of these new technologies have been invented to streamline the workplace, but many are spilling over into making our daily lives easier. The ability to work from anywhere also lets us keep in contact with friends and family from anywhere, and simple devices such as universal chargers are now equipped to help us in the event of an emergency. Soon, you'll be able to program your car to drive to work, but you'll also be able to program it to enjoy a seamless vacation.