How Telematics Could Revolutionize the Way We've Been Using Science

Technology has always been improving the way we work, but with the rarely-discussed area of telematics, we could see a completely new revolution in this field. The application of telematics is wide and diverse, and one can find its use in many fields. Let us first take a look at what it means and then map its uses in a way that it could shape and influence our lives.

Telematics makes a blend of wireless devices with the black box technology for transmitting data to a system or an organization in real time. The main goal of this technology is to send information over vast networks and aids in easy access of important information. As per trials conducted by Norwich Union, young drivers who opted for telematics auto insurance saw 20% lower accident rate. Further, it was observed that telematics could increase the chances of recovering stolen vehicles from 62% to a whopping 80%. Back in 2013, a telematics solutions company claimed that this new technology allowed them to locate 92% of the stolen vehicles. Not just telematics, even the navigation system, which is developed on wireless technology, has proved to be useful. A trial which was conducted in the Netherlands showed that trying to reach the destination in an unknown area decreases by 16% when the driver has a navigation system. As per the research done by the Aberdeen group, after a couple of years of GPS implementation, the small fleets saw an increase of 25% in the number of work orders received as their efficiency improved. They also stated that the fuel costs could go down by an average of 13.2%.

Telematics revolutionizes the automobile industry

Vehicle telematics has been trending because of the different features which it could add to the use of vehicles. With the increasing spurt of crime, it is important to make an apt use of technology for improving the kind of safety which you have.

When you make smart use of telematics technology, it will allow you to improve the safety inside your car significantly. You can get immediately roadside assistance by simply pressing a button. Not only this, with this technology, it is possible to automatically dial 911 in case of an accident.

Not just safety, even if you are on the lookout for optimizing your total expenses, this technology can turn out to be handy. If you have an electric car and you need to charge it, having Telematics installed can help in automated charging in the middle of the night when the rates are cheapest. Can you imagine the amount of money you will be able to save because of it?

Lexus Incorporates Telematics For Offering Better Services

Recently, Brian Bolain, marketing manager for Lexus, said that in their latest service which will be rolled out, they will make use of Enform Telematics system. With this technology, users will not have to go to a mechanic but the vehicle will automatically inform the users if there is a need for maintenance. This saves a lot of unwanted botheration and hassles. Not just the need for maintenance, the technology is such that owners will get a complete report of the different problems which the car may be suffering from. They can further fix an appointment for rectifying the problems too.

Can Telematics Become The Regular Norm?

Although, telematics is an advanced technology, there is a likelihood that it will be implemented by almost all major automobile firms because of the positive response which it got. In this technology, there is a black box which is crash resistant. This box receives information wirelessly and one can tap it to another product which can be a vehicle or even a Smartphone for channelizing the information in an appropriate manner.

Telematics doesn't necessarily need to be a two way channel; however, when you want to tap the most of it, establishing a dual channel is recommended. With the increasing number of accident cases and crash victims, with the implementation of vehicular telematics, one can immediately report the occurrence of an accident and thereby speedy help can be offered which in turn could save lives.

The pioneering aim of technology should be to aid in saving life and to improve the way we live. Both these factors can be served by implementing telematics in an apt manner.