How Terrorism Affects Global Warming (it does!)

My favorite person in the world - aside from Wilford Brimley - is Vaclav Klaus, president of the Czech Republic. Recently he wrote that global warming hysteria has become a problem of truth versus propaganda. He says the issue is more about freedom than tiny changes in global temperature.

He's right.

The only dopes who don't get this? Lame celebrities, dumb politicians, our misguided media and hairless cats.
Because the scariest thing we face now is terror. At any moment we could be bombed by demented dipwads whose hatred for us is matched only by their desire for goat porn.

Daily, they plan our demise, but they're in no hurry. Unlike us, they don't need their pizza delivered in 30 minutes or less.

America is rife with cowards incapable of discerning good from evil. Instead of focusing on a real war between civilizations, they'd rather screech about a phony war between us and the globe.

Because with climate change, you're to blame. Therefore, it's your life that must change. Global Warming is the perfect platform for the self-righteous. They can lecture forever, and we're too bored to hit them.

Terrorists aren't that polite. They really want to kill you, and they haven't even seen an Inconvenient Truth!
Mother earth doesn't fly planes into buildings, blow up cafes or kill homosexuals. Mother earth just sits there, absorbing Sheryl Crow's compost.

The only way global warmers will take terrorism seriously is if we tell them that it's bad for the environment.

I mean, really, when those towers fell on September 11th, imagine how all that debris and smoke increased carbon emissions!

And all those car bombs? If they switch to Prius's - they could reduce our dependence on fossil fuels!
I think Leo Dicaprio and Laurie David should go to Iraq and discuss how terror affects Mother Earth. The terrorists will listen, right up to the beheadings.

your friend,

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