How the 5 Senses May Equal the Sixth

Scent creates memory as it stirs up our emotion. A perfume or an incense can remind you of a special person or a special time.

Taste is the same way. One touch of an herb on the tongue and I can be transported back to my mother’s kitchen.

Hearing enhances emotion. A song on the radio can take us back to times of our life where most of our experiences and milestones are.

Touch opens us up to emotion in a very intimate level. A sweater can remind you of a special person or a significant event.

Sight draws emotion through visual expressions. What we see on the screens is designed to make us feel.

In essence, the original five senses have one thing in common: they are about eliciting emotion.

That brings us to the sixth sense: being psychic or intuitive. I consider the sixth to be a special integration of the above five. It amazes me that many people do not realize that we are all, to a degree, psychic. Different levels of that intuitive awareness is what will eventually separate those who are meant to help others by hanging a shingle to do business, or if they just use it to their own personal advantage. Both are honorable applications when done with intention and sincerity.

There is one major way to integrate them and that is through meditation. With just ten to twenty minute of daily meditation you can enhance working with all of those sensing with the possibility of sharpening them. But it takes dedication and diligence to the practice of meditation. Experiment with it and keep a journal to plot progress for at least a month and you may be surprised at your results.

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