How the Boston Harbor Hotel Helped Me: Eat, Pray, Love (Myself)

How the Boston Harbor Hotel Helped Me: Eat, Pray, Love (Myself)
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I don't even like the water, but at The Boston Harbor Hotel it was all I could think about.

In a getaway that was too short but very intimate, the view in their deluxe suite stole the show. And that's just one reason why the Boston Harbor Hotel became one of my favorite places.

The housekeeping staff is particularly talented. Most hotels claim that the floors are so clean that you can make reservations for a prime spot on the rug in the middle of the living room. Why anyone would want to eat off the floor is beyond me, but I can always tell how clean the floors are by the bottom of my feet at the end of the night. At the Boston Harbor Hotel it was light brown skin alabaster through and through absent and dust.

Sheeting and pillows were refreshed daily treating my skin to a luxury bed bath with an infinite amount of thread counts. Waking up was almost a disappointment only because I never got to finish my dream of being Marilyn Monroe, wearing Chanel No.5 and nothing else.

Absolutely nothing else.

And of course, I’d be doing so at the Boston Harbor Hotel.

There's a time for everything in the financial district with Boston's corporate swagger. On Tuesday nights when it was time to party, Frankie Beverly and Maze, Stevie Wonder, and Chaka Khan were all there to celebrate - in the form of a cover band that took me back to my singing days.

All the hits were played, and this band of outsiders kept the party going.

Which reminds me, there was this couple taking photos of each of the plates hitting the table. I laughed a bit inside thinking to myself, “how corny – God! These people…” and then my appetizer hit the table and with my iPhone on three percent, I snapped two quick photos.

My phone died immediately afterwards, but for those two seconds I felt like I was living one of the lyrics from a Diddy song, “Big Baller, shot caller.”

And with good reason.

Meritage Restaurant headed by Chef Daniel Bruce is absolutely everything. This is one of those restaurants where the taste is just as relevant if not more so than the presentation which looks just like it came out of the pages of any of the Conde Nast publications.

And I would know, I write for more than a few of them!

The steak melded to my knife which took no effort to make an incision a la Meredith Grey (Grey’s Anatomy).

Let’s just say that when the meal was gone, so was every bit of confidence instilled from the red meat – even if it lasted only a few minutes.

With meals like this one – I pictured Chef Daniel in the kitchen throwing pots and screaming at his subordinates. But in reality, he’s one of the calmest and relaxed men I’ve met in a long time.

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