How The Brady Bunch Votes (Greg Is A Real-Life Republican)

At a WE TV voter-registration event on November 28, Brady Bunch alum Chris Knight--he was Peter -- wandered past with his wife/reality-show co-star Adrianne Curry. "I'm a libertarian," he said. "I hate the two-party system, but I'm not sure what other system works." He said he was leaning toward Barack Obama at the moment. What about the other sons of Mike (and the daughters of Carol)? Did they grow up to be Democrats or Republicans? "I think they were swing voters," he said. "Conservative Democrats. More like libertarians, probably, in their heart of hearts." Did any grow up to be Republicans? "Oh, Greg's a Republican," Knight said. "He's probably a John Bircher. In real life, only two of us grew up in Democratic families. But I gotta believe that Mike Lookinland [Bobby] has turned out an independent, because was a Deadhead.